Questions that we have been asked, frequently.

General Questions:

Who are P&R Consultants?

P&R Consultants is an International Hotel Product specialist company based in Sydney, Australia.

What exactly does P&R Consultants do?

P&R Consultants sources, creates and designs products primarily for the Hotel, Resort and Casino industry. We offer a full end to end service that involves sourcing, producing, shipping, import, warehousing and distribution.

Our product range is extremely diverse as we fulfil the various product demands of our many valued customers requirements.

Whether it is supplying specific branded products to meet brand standards or designing and creating unique or inspirational product ranges to make your room “pop” our strength & expertise is in our ability to meet your requirements.

Why should I choose P&R Consultants for my business?

Putting our customers first is foremost to how we run our business.  Continuous focus on three key areas – the quality of product, the quality of design and the quality of service underpinned by a partnership approach makes sure that our customers can trust that P&R are the right fit for their business.

How can we be sure that P&R consultants will look after our needs?

We operate in a business that demands quality and reliability and most importantly trust that we will not let you and in turn your guests down. The calibre of clientele that we have managed and developed relationships with over many years is testament to our abilities to create rewarding business partnerships. Our business model does not focus on maximising profit per product – it is more about developing business relationships into the future and therefore we always take a positive approach to negotiation on all aspects from design through to price.

What types of businesses use P&R Consultants?

P&R Consultants predominantly supplies products to Hotels, Casinos and Resorts. Our ability to source and create diverse products allows us to work with other industries and fields.

What range of products does P&R Consultants offer?

P&R Consultants offers a wide range of products, specialising in hotel products. From Bathrooms to Bedrooms, F&B to Banquets, Conferencing & Events, Front Office to back office as well as OS&E through to FF&E. Look inside a Hotel Property and almost all you see we can source and supply with the notable exceptions of food & drink!

Do you produce the goods in Australia?

The majority of goods are produced overseas – primarily in China and Indonesia before being shipped to Australia. We also use Australian produced products.

How do the goods arrive in Australia?

We arrange shipment and clearance of all goods coming from overseas. We have key shipping partners in these territories that allow for smooth internal and external shipping & transportation.

Do you supply goods outside of Australia and how do the goods arrive at their intended destination?

Yes, we supply Internationally with many clients based outside of Australia.

In conjunction with our clients’ requirements, we organise and arrange shipment from the producing country direct to the destination port.

What are your shipping terms for overseas shipments?

Each case is negotiated on a case by case basis but generally we will quote FOB or CIF.

How do you transport the products?

Our freight services are outsourced to many carriers but each one is selected through an internal process to ensure that our strict service level agreements are adhered to. Getting the goods to our client on time and in good condition at competitive pricing is our primary task.


How do I place an order with P&R Consultants?

It’s easy to place an order with P&R Consultants. Simply contact us by phone (+61 299 385 522) or e-mail ( You can also place an enquiry through our website and we will respond to you directly. Please make sure you leave your contact details including local and International calling codes.

How long does the process take of ordering a product to it being delivered?

A stock product will be delivered within 48 hours after receiving your purchase order. Where we need to create a new product for you, there is an initial lead in period which can take up to 90 days depending on the product you are looking for. This product development period is generally the slowest part but once in stock it can be delivered within 48 hours depending on the final destination.

Can you store the goods?

At P&R Consultants, we have a warehouse facility that allows us to store your goods and you can draw down your stock over the course of the year.

Do you always hold stock of all the products you supply?

We always hold stock of products that our customers have committed to using. This means we do not hold speculative stock in the hope that we may sell the goods in the future.

Our role is to facilitate your product or stock requirements. If you have a regular product that you need access to, we will agree with you in advance to take this item into stock and negotiate a process in how we hold that stock for you to drawdown from. Once we agree this process, the goods will be held in stock in our warehouse.

What if I only want to purchase as a once off?

No problem – you can purchase products as a once off. We may hold stock in our warehouse or it may require a lead in period whilst it is being produced.


Are there any restrictions on what products I can ask P&R Consultants to design?

We embrace a challenge! We work with designers and engineers who specialise specifically in hotel and casino products. We have an in-depth knowledge of the various requirements and criteria that need to be considered in designing and producing a hotel product. We have the ability to produce most products using a wide range of raw materials and each design request we assess on a case by case basis.

Can I get a brand name on every type of product I order?

Yes, you can have your brand on your products – all we require is your logo or artwork requirements in AI or PDF format and we will take it from there. Our expertise is in making products to conform with your brand standards.

What exactly can P&R Consultants design with the customised products?

P&R can design most products with a range of colours, sizes and materials. We can produce to PMS specific colours with various applications of your branding considered.

Can I ask to have my customised products changed if we are unhappy with the sample we are given?

We follow a clear process that allows you to evaluate the look and feel of the product prior to production of the pre-production sample. Where a sample is not correct, we will of course work with you to make sure it is right next time. By focusing on getting everything right the first time and limiting the amount of changes, we can increase the speed of the product development turnaround time.

What is the process of creating a customised product with P&R Consultants?

We generally start with a discussion around what you (our client) is looking for, whether it’s a customised product or an existing product. From there, we create a conceptual design before developing 3D renders of the product. We then supply you with samples of the product. Once you are happy with the product, you can sign off on a product order and we will go through our product run to have the goods delivered to you on time.

Do you supply products for new hotel openings or refurbishments?

A core part of our business is working with our customers in developing product ranges for their hotel openings.

Our role is to help you design and develop products that are in keeping with your new décor, environment and vision for your property. They effectively become your own personalised product ranges.

We get to understand the stakeholders’ requirements, study the storyboards, do site visits with our product designers and engineers before making specific recommendations and creating a product range that make you and your guests feel proud of your property.

What products do you produce for new hotel openings or refurbishment?

We can go room by room to design and create the products you need. We look to create consistency in the product ranges so that they are in keeping with your décor. Many of our products do not need to be signature pieces but they play a supporting role in making the room POP and creating a lasting impression with your guests.

Where can I get a list of all the products you supply for hotel openings?

Please contact us directly by email at or by phone at +61 2 9938 5522.

Do you only provide customised products for hotel openings or refurbishment?

We can source and supply many standard items that are also required. We recognise that not all products need to be unique and we can of course supply more general items.

Of course, we also supply many of the other guest usage products that form part of your brand standard.